About the Founder

Sandeep Rangras

Owner and Founder abc Restaurants,Oxford

abc’s founder Mr. Sandeep Rangras saw his dream come true of starting his chain of hotels through abc. A well-known active real estate trader in Mumbai, India, Sandeep was always driven with the passion of food from various cuisines.

“I was born in India the land of spices, every state every city in India has their own speciality food. As a boy I travelled across various cities in different countries, I began to grow my fondness for all kinds of food and cuisines and dreamt of owning my hotel that serves multiple assorted delicacies ever since. abc is a project very close to my heart. Nothing makes me happier than being an integral part of abc today. And seeing my dream come true in a nation like United Kingdom gives me excruciating satisfaction and gratitude to serve each one of my customers. With immense pleasure I welcome each one of you to come experience the delight in abc. Namaste

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